Our commitment, vision and values


“Be a bridge between the Italian and the British communities.”

Values represent the distinctive and enduring core priorities that guide decisions in any organization. They are deeply-held convictions that drive members’ priorities and underlie assumptions that influence attitudes and actions.


“British-Italian Conservatives,
be proud to be young,
be both British and Italian Conservatives.”

The Conservative Party has a long and proud history: from the landed party of grandees; through free trade and repeal of the Corn Laws under Peel; through electoral reform and mass enfranchisement under Disraeli; through social reforms such as the Factory Acts and abolition of slavery, as the party of social justice and One Nation welfare; through the rise of liberalism and socialism, as the party of freedom and wealth creation; through the World Wars and Cold War, as the party of strong defense; through monetarism, as the party of enterprise; to the challenges that we face today – of globalisation, Brexit, and the nation’s ongoing problems with the public finances.

Conservative Values:

“You can do better than the state.”

The following values were identified as defining Conservatism:

  1. Responsible (personal responsibility and self-reliance).
  2. Pro-enterprise (living within our means, support for responsible free market economy).
  3. Pro-freedom (freedom of choice, liberty, free speech).
  4. Pro-defense (strong national defence, security, safety).
  5. Pro-justice (rule of law, justice).
  6. Pro-community (diversity, tolerance, inclusive, openness, international).
  7. Pro-opportunity (equality of opportunity for all, aspiration, empowerment, education, social mobility).
  8. Compassionate (prioritising the vulnerable, social justice, civic-minded).
  9. Pro-democracy (patriotism, limited government, pro-family, sovereignty, localism).
  10. Principled (fairness, integrity, pragmatism, respect).
  11. Forward-looking (support gradual change, stewardship of heritage and environment, supportive of innovation and technology).