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Board of directors and executive members

British Italian Conservatives Domenico Meliti
Mr Domenico Meliti – Chairman

Domenico Meliti was born in Monza in 1976 and arrived in London on 7 February 1999. After studying architectural and urban design in Milan, he attended the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) to acquire the necessary qualifications related to mechanical and industrial systems. There, he was presented with the opportunity to work in the industry of building renovations.

Domenico started to collaborate with EMD, a company that soon became a success, with a constant growth of 200%. Under Domenico’s guidance EMD Group takes on very complex planning and construction assignments for commissions of great strategic importance in the building world.

Today Domenico’s team consists of 120 people, and has won the company its largest residential conversion contract in the United Kingdom, which will see 467 housing units built.

Domenico’s entrepreneurial spirit has managed to create opportunities to establish relations across the UK Government at a local and national level. Domenico is also a director of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in London. All these ‘signals’ support the hope of Domenico soon to be recognised as one of the leading European and international entrepreneurs.

Domenico has always been a great supporter of Esharelife since the charity was founded. In recognition of the great help that he is giving to the growth of the Foundation, Esharelife is honoured to nominate him Ambassador of the Foundation.

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Angelo Carpinteri British Italian Conservatives
Mr Angelo Carpinteri – Honorary secretary

Angelo Carpinteri, Italian, Anglo-Saxon and cosmopolitan, has spent his life between Italy and the United Kingdom.

Passionate yet pragmatic, he has the ability to transform any idea into a successful project, liaising with stakeholders, team members and colleagues empathetically to always maintain high quality standards across the board.

His business management skills and professional experiences, both in Italy and in Great Britain, have provided the opportunity to work with some of the most influential enterprises, the kaliber of: We Star Capital ltd, Icon Consulting London ltd, BS London Consulting ltd, UdR Consulting Srl, PPDC Consulting Srl, Executive Service Business Centres SpA, Gruppo Ratti SpA, Gruppo Buffetti SpA, Caltanet SpA, Gruppo Caltagirone, SKLPSS SpA, Member of the Advisory Board of ESBC SpA (the italian Branch of WWBC NY), Executive Member of the Advisory Board of Spazio Italia, Member PRCA.

Angelo has collaborated with Professor Emanuela Del Pianto on social studies based on the notions of nourishing human capital unexpressed potentials, greatly contributing to his Human Resources consulting activity.

He is among the promoters of the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework (EntreComp), a platform designed to bridge the academic and professional worlds for young entrepreneurs.

Promoter of the established Bond Street Award, the international ceremony that takes place in London annually to celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurial achievements and Italian excellence in business and cultural lifestyle.

Angelo is a staunchly committed and innovative man to promote the entire Italian community at home and abroad, supporting and promoting labour policies through dialogue between workers and companies.

This has cemented his role as strategic advisor for Think Tanks and Conservatives Trade Unions, tasked to promote the dialogue between capital and labour, providing support and assistance to Italian workers in the UK as well as facilitating relationships with associations in order to promote jobs creation.

Angelo constantly collaborates with the Investments Promotion Agency to support the development of SMEs capable of generating job opportunities.

British Italian Conservatives Gerardo Aprovitolo
Mr Gerardo Aprovitolo

As partner and head of the Italian department of the law firm ADL Legal, located in London, England, the lawyer and solicitor Gerardo Aprovitolo and his team of European solicitors and lawyers offer, in both Italian and English, legal advice to companies and private.

In addition, he follows, for companies and individuals, executive proceedings for securities issued by Italian courts, debt collection and judicial proceedings in civil and corporate matters.

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